50 shades of fucked up – OMG this is hilarious…

So I woke up this morning and forgot it was Tuesday — so thanks Blizzard because everything is down. Why am I punished for living in EST?

I started reading Facebook and I decided instead of sharing every single article that I’ve been reading about the new EL James book “Grey” (You know, 50 shades of Grey from Grey’s point of view) and how terrible it was – and then about how she was part of a twitter Q&A and just got absolutely SLAMMED…

I’m just going to compile them here so you can peruse at your leisure.

Scott Bryan read’s the new book Grey and shares the epic horribleness of it. 

Buzzfeed shares the sum of the twitter  Q&A with EL James and she gets roasted. Mashable has some gems too.

Here are some of my favorites

Back in the day when the first round of books came out, a good friend introduced me to this amazing reading of 50 shades by Trout Nation. If you haven’t read 50 shades but want to get a summary of it from someone who actually writes good erotica – then this is the way to go. She was so annoyed that she wrote her own fiction piece called “The Boss” 

If you need a break from reading, click here for a name generator. My 50 Shades of Grey Name is Clarissa Gunmetal.

Pop Sugar has some alternatives to the FSOG series… I haven’t read these but… maybe they’re better?

and since I have the attention span of a Dug from Up

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