Ten things you now know about me

10 things you (probably) don’t know about me:

1. I’ve recorded a song with a choir at Capital Records.

2. I’ve slow danced with Colm Meaney.

3. There was a time where Jason Schwartzman knew who I was on site.

4. I can do a seriously convincing Minnesotan accent.

5. I personally know someone who has been in a movie called “Teenage Catgirls in Heat.” (Spoiler alert, it’s not a porno)

6. In graduate school, I once took notes on a banana. It was a flow chart on how to tell if something should use a direct or indirect article. (Yes I have pictures).

7. I have no memory of this, but people have reminded me that in a Q&A with Ray Bradbury, I asked him about his feelings on Star Wars.

8. My hair has been EVERY color. Favorite was pink.

9. I used to tutor Chemistry in college.

10. While on the subway in Korea, a really old woman spoke to me in Korean and heavily gesticulated that I should run more, to be skinnier. I mimed, and then yelled at her, in English, that I was pregnant (not true, but fuck her). She wasn’t getting it so the lady next to me translated for her. (She was probably tired of hearing it).

If you liked this and want to play yourself, my favorite number is 28, so you can do 28, 2, 8, or 2+8=10 things.


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