I don’t know who Benedict Cumberbatch is… and I don’t/haven’t watched Dr Who. Please don’t stone me to death.


Benedict Cumberbatch renames people in his free time.

My new name is Snozzlebert Crucifix

Which is cool. But I don’t know who Benedict Cumberbatch is.

<insert back story embarrassment here>

I know. I KNOW I’ve lost my geek status. I tried watching the first season of the (I guess the new?) Dr Who series. And I just couldn’t get on board. Like, I liked it, but it didn’t sit well with me. Not enough to even finish the first season. I had a few problems with it. But…. it just seemed too campy for me. (Please let me continue) My Scottish friend informed me that it was totally cheesy on purpose because UK drama is all about taking the piss out of itself (her words, not mine).

So I’ve been meaning to jump on the fanwagon. Tardis shit is just everywhere. You can’t hit geek anything without some sort of Dr. Who reference, or peek-a-boo angels or screwdrivers, or an old blue Police Box. Frankly if you aren’t all dropping Dalek references or arguing about who the best Dr is… (because THERE IS MORE THAN ONE. You know what? I don’t know who they are. I know this much: This guy is the Dr I know to be whom is referenced when the question Dr Who? and The answer is “The Doctor.” ) But if you aren’t hip with the slang, your geek friends judge you. And I guess it’s fair play because

Apparently, he’s the 9th doctor. This makes no sense to me because Netflix straight up said I was watching season 1, and when I went to the website with the Drs all up in it, there were way older dudes from the LBJ administration. Ok. That makes it sound like these Time Lords were a) in the United States, and b) were colleagues with Pres Lyndon B. Pretty sure by the accents that they’re not *American* and did NOT hang around the white house…but my point is – THIS SHOW STARTED IN THE ’60s – Why Netflix, are you telling me Season 1 begins with The 9th Doctor and in 2005. Already this Time Lord stuff is confusing me…

I’m not going to lie. The Tardis is cool. Like, I’d be all up in one. But I guess until I sit down and try it again, I just don’t know.

Whoa. Hold up. I just.. I mean… I just admitted all that stuff about my lack of Dr Who knowledge… and…


Why didn’t someone stop me? FML. Thanks you guys, I had to go all IMDB to find out. #friendfail

So, here’s what I know about Benedict Cumberbatch

1. He’s not on Dr Who.

1.5 He’s on this other show, Sherlock which I haven’t seen because Ben got me all obsessed with Elementary (which is another Sherlock themed show, except set in the US and Watson is a woman – which is awesome. Moreover, Sherlock is played by Johnny Lee Miller, which everyone should recognize from the 1995 transcendental film Hackers.)

2. He is crazy hot.

3. He renames people in his free time.

If you want to know what your new name is – check it out. I wonder if Jonny Lee Miller renames people also.

I love you Johnny Lee Miller.

I love you Johnny Lee Miller.

-Snozzlebert out


5 thoughts on “I don’t know who Benedict Cumberbatch is… and I don’t/haven’t watched Dr Who. Please don’t stone me to death.

  1. I also do not like Doctor Who, in spite of both John and Jessie liking and watching it. And I love campy! Like Buffy (the movie was esp. campy). However, Sherlock is indeed an awesome show you should watch! And Cumberbunch (which is what John and I call him cause it drives Jessie crazy) is definitely a great actor.

    So, I’m still a geek, ergo you can be too. Maybe it just takes Sherlock if you don’t watch Doctor Who. I am restraining my urge to insert a logic equation here (which is definitely geeky).

  2. He was also the voice for the dragon Smaugh (sp?) and the shadowy necromancer thing in the 3rd Hobbit movie.

    And yeah, I never got into Dr Who either. I think I saw one episode.


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