Hearthstone has a place in my <3

Back in the day, like 2006, or something. My friend Andrew introduced me to Ben, and got me playing Magic the Gathering. Actually, Andrew taught me to play MtG first on the floor in front of First Awakenings Restaurant because we forgot it was Mother’s Day, we wanted brunch, and were totally willing to wait the supposed 4 hours for some Eggs Benedict and an omelet I would kill kittens for. I met Ben when I finally got up the courage to go to my first Friday Night Magic Draft. I don’t remember much, except that I didn’t actually play in the tournament, I just went and watched, played some games with people who weren’t mean to me, and then went on my merry way…

My love affair with that collectable card game spanned several years and multiple relationships. In fact, my husband and I both play… but not together, because we would like to stay married.

Collectible card games are expensive… and require people to play, or a PC to play online (but still expensive)… and I moved onto other games. Ben (again – but this time several years later and unexpectedly living in the same random city in another state as we were) appeared and taught me how to play World of Warcraft. I LOVE/D it. Past tense referral depending on whether my subscription is currently active (it ebbs and flows like the tide, right now it’s ebbing, or flowing, or whichever means I’m playing WoW now). My husband also plays WoW. Again, we don’t play together… for the same aforementioned reason. The best thing about WoW is that it doesn’t require physical people, or really people at all. There’s a fun element if you’re playing with friends, but you certainly don’t have to. It does have a cost to it, but it’s minimal compared to the hours of play you get (unlimited for $14.99 a month – unlike paying $15 for a 2 hour movie.)

So Ben came to visit us here in Seoul for three months (thereby actually living in ALL of the places my husband and I have lived since we have met) and got me to play WoW again – which actually has been a lot of fun and directly related to my life in Korea these days.  He also got me into playing Hearthstone. Which. Is. Amazing.


I’m really enjoying it. It’s a deck building game like MtG but with the characters from World of Warcraft. So it’s online (no extra real life people needed), it’s free (no extra real life money needed), it’s on the iPad and computer (I can play it anywhere in the house whenever I want) it. is perfect. The game design is really a lot of fun, and although I have the option to spend real actually money on it, I can enjoy it for free, which I do.

The Hearthstone vibe picked up pretty strong here. Ben told me about it, stopped playing because he was frustrated, got me obsessed with it, started playing again himself, and then we both got Tony to try it. For the last couple of weeks of Ben’s visit, basically the three of us were playing Hearthstone all the time (of course not with each other).

Yesterday I was having an icky day, wanted to do something outside of the house with the small monster, and decided to head over to the iPark mall, because I heard they had a fantastic new Kid’s Cafe (and they totally do).

I was texting a friend about the bus to get there and she sent me a picture saying there was a Hearthstone Tent at the mall. I was excited, but, I was going for my kid, you know… and video/card games are huge here. So I just assumed it was an advertisement.

I. Was. Wrong.

to be continued…


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