Conversations with Ben Part 2

April 25

Ben: Like the Greek Medea?

Me: Yes. Like the Greek Medea, not the Tyler Perry Medea.

Ben: I was going to say…

Me: I mean, that would fit too, but not what I meant.

April 26

Me: How’s that for iron tight logic?
Ben: Iron tight?

Me: Or whatever it’s called. Isn’t that it?

Ben: Uh steel clad?

Me: Steel clad logic? That doesn’t sound right.

Ben: Well, go ahead with “iron tight” but at least my logic doesn’t rust.

April 30

Ben : I saw the cutest little Korean boy today.

Tony : Did he have black hair? And dark eyes?

Me: bahahahhahaahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahaa

Ben: …. (Insert disapproving look)

May 1

Me: Did you already eat your banana?

Ben: I ate half of it, the other half is for later.

Me: I don’t understand the words that you just said.

Ben: *laughs*

Ben: I don’t know, I just want something in my mouth.

Me: *snort* No, I’m not posting this on Facebook as we speak.

May 1

Me: I had a friend who used to judge whether or not to purchase something by how many gumballs she could get instead.

Ben: That’s an interesting idea, but I don’t think gumballs are a modern unit of measurement.

Me: What would you use?

Ben: Frappuccinos.

Me: Oh! That’s a good one. I would totally use that one.

Ben: Like, I really want that but it’s 15 Frappuccinos. That’s a *lot* of Frappuccinos.

Me: Seriously. I really need to re-evaluate my spending in this light.

May 13

Me: Most people sleep now. So you sleeping now is good.

Ben: But it’s dark out. Isn’t this when I’m supposed to be up?

Me: No. You have it backwards

Ben: Oh.

Me: Yes.

Ben: But then you get burned by the DayStar.

Me: No. You don’t go *out* during the day, you’re just awake during the day.

Ben: Ohhhh.

May: 13

Ben: You already tried to get a second vagina.

Me: Yes! I did! Wait. What was that from??

Ben:The lab vagina.

Me: YES the lab vagina.

Tony: Oh you mean “la-gina”.

Me: Uh. No. Portmanteau fail.

May 14

Me: Where’s the nearest Ikea in the UK ?

Tony: There aren’t any, you just go across the water to Sweden.

Me: There has to be. And it’s called “a channel”

Ben: It’s actually it’s the North Sea by that point.

Me: There has got to be more than just the one there. Wait, do they have an Apple store?

May 16
Ben: I don’t think I understand what “church it up” means.

Tony: You know, like when you go to church and you put on your Sunday best.

Me: He means “doctor it up.”

Ben: Oh good.  Because I thought you meant “add religion.” And I was going to say, “keep the religion out of our spaghetti.”

Ben: I’m going to have enough religion in my pasta when I go back to Italy.

Conversations with Ben: Part 1


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