In honor of Ben’s visit… I have found for this week’s TBT… an amazing photo. Story goes like this: Ben was in a Magic the Gathering Tournament… like *all day* and we went to support him. However I decided that it was absolutely necessary to bring a sign to cheer him on. The thing is, the tournaments are quiet, lengthy, and usually full of people who smell like Mountain Dew and sweat. Ben does not smell like either of those things. And Mountain Dew is poison. Think holding up a sign during a Chess Match. Anyway. I made my sign, we went… and Ben saw it and said “Go-Ber”? and I said “No! Go Ben!” — from that point on, I left the sign with him, and in my head, he has been known affectionately as “gober” (pronounced go-bur). For a future gift, he wrapped my present in the sign. No idea where it is now, but here it is in virtual glory.




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