Technologies FTW

One of my biggest problems with blogging, is not having time. Or space, or time and space. My 2 year old needs constant attention. When she is quiet I know that she is inevitably doing something dangerous or destructive. She’s fearless. That being said, I don’t have a lot of quiet time. Her nap time is either time where I shower, I nap, or I try to catch up on house stuff that I can’t get done easily while she’s awake. (Ever try to fold and put away laundry with a “helper” who decides that your method is stupid and dragging around clean clothes into different rooms is better?) Sometimes she violently sweeps the folded piles onto the ground with a look of sheer pleasure.

Anyway- So I have this iPad, but I hate typing on it, and now, I have this extra bluetooth keyboard because I replaced my iMac keyboard with a Logitec Wave to help with my wrist problems. It’s like a dream. I want to make love to my new keyboard. Sorry Uncle Steve (RIP) my gorgeous silver keyboard is pretty but it hurts my hands.

Now I’m comfy in my recliner chair – with my badass headphones on, typing on a real keyboard with my iPad. Like a fucking dream.

I’m about 30 minutes out from my day 2 physical therapy experience. I’m feeling better about the experience. The weather is shit, it’s gray and hazy and polluted. Icky. My comfy work out clothes (Ha! Work out clothes! Like I do that!) are on, and I mostly know where my shoes are. I think I’ll be ready to go.

So far this is totally a Seinfeld post. Sorry. I’m excited about the keyboard solution.

I have weird jealousy issues going on right now. I have a lot of issues, don’t get me wrong… but jealousy has been a forerunner as of late. It’s annoying because I don’t have a solution for it and it is incredibly petty, immature, and obviously all in my head. Go away green monster!

There’s a board game that I want to get for Charlotte called “Go Away Monster” – basically everyone has a room tile, and players flip over cards. If the card has a part of the room (bed, lamp, table) they place it on their room tile. If it has a monster you shout “GO AWAY MONSTER” and chuck it away from you. I think it sounds great. I think I need a set of jealousy monsters printed so I can pull one out when I feel him creeping around me, I can crumple it up and toss it away from me and scream “GO AWAY MONSTER” – I wonder if someone can help me translate that to Korean so that when I am out in public I am appropriately banishing the right beast. I don’t want the Korean Jealousy Monster to stick around just because I didn’t address it in the right language.

In other news, I have addressed in social media the dilemma and hatred of underboob sweat. I also have neck fold sweat. I think it’s just as bad, if not worse. “Don’t mind me, it’s just my sweaty neck folds! Move along”

I never have the beachy girl shine like some people have. I just look greasy. Back off gentleman, I’m taken.

What’s your least favorite sweaty place? I know, there’s not like a great place to sweat, but I much prefer my elbow creases sweating over my neck folds.


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