Why I can’t get anything done.

This is a post about why I didn’t write the intended post.

So I’m sitting down to write a post about this kids cafe I went to a few months ago. I know that I sort of remember where it is but I have pictures from it and I know the name so I should be fine. And the subway station. It was “T-something” I roughly know it’s north east of me. Yeah. I can totally find out enough info to present to other people and get there properly.

First I go through my photos to find the pictures. I think it was in September. Yeah. No. I check a few months after, and then go all the way back to May when we arrived and go forward. Apparently we went in July. Not September. July. Pictures located – check.

Let’s find the website. It’s in Korean. It’s done in images so I can’t translate it. It doesn’t have an English button. Randomly clicking links doesn’t offer much, but there’s a cute pop up video. I am able to grab the phone number.
Website, and phone number – check.

I found a foursquare link with a rough map – also giving me the subway station (it *totally* started with a “T” thankyouverymuch )

Then I realize I need more information. Also, Google keeps deciding that because I live in Korea, I must speak Korean. Not only is that presumptuous, Google, but I don’t appreciate your forced immersion methods.

Whilst doing this I’m trying to edit a template to keep this stuff organized for the future.

I used to be able to fix the Google problem, and although I can switch to google.com instead of google.co.kr, everything is in Korean. Which means I can’t use google translate to check anything because all the options are, well, in Korean. I have never ever hated illiteracy as much I do right now. Ben says if I wasn’t so smart, I wouldn’t care so much. Probably. I begin a tirade about how I wish that I spoke (and read) Korean. Ben suggests that CPR may have more practical long term uses. I told him that didn’t help me find info for this fucking kid’s cafe.

I download Google Chrome and while in waiting, try to use Bing Maps, Google Maps and Naver Maps to locate the place using the shitty not detailed foursquare map. I also realize that the directions may be either in an old Facebook message thread or in an old events thing. Turns out you can totally find old events in Facebook, but you have to really want to. I’m not telling you how, because I had to look it up, and frankly, at this point, I’m so aggravated I don’t remember.

I erase the cookies on Firefox and turn on a proxy to try to make my internet speak to me in English by thinking I’m in a’murica but- it didn’t last long. I accidentally logged into my Google account and it changed back. To. Korean.

Google Chrome installs. It’s in Korean. I give up and close it.


The rest is honestly a blur. After a lot of clicking I get Google to speak to me in English, and to have Google Maps toss English around with the Hangul. The Facebook group gave me a second map as a reference point (also shitty) and the exit number.

After 2 hours I have:
Korean website
Korean phone number
Subway station and exit
A not shitty map of the location
A translation of the pricing

After 2 hours I don’t have:
An actual post about the kids cafe
Edited pictures to supplement post
Chocolate snacks

Also I got to have a lovely discussion with Ben about nominal adjectives and adjectival nouns. And I wrote this. So there’s that.


4 thoughts on “Why I can’t get anything done.

  1. Sooooooo familiar! I do recommend learning how to read Korean and then you can locate the language changing link šŸ™‚ says mrs smartarse

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