Conversations with Ben Part 1

March 25

I need to make something for Tony for dinner
Ben: ok
Me: It will involve chicken. That’s as far as I’ve gotten.
Ben: ok
Me: I also have potatoes, broccoli, a variety of other vegetables and pastas.
Ben. (Silence)
Me: this is where you start making suggestions.
Ben: bunnies
Me: I don’t have any bunnies
Ben: Taj Mahal
Me: I don’t think it will go with the chicken
Ben: four score and seven years ago.
Me: closer.
Ben: I have made several suggestions.
Me: noted.

March 28
Message Ben. Tony is in the shower. Oh. I’m going to this restaurant. Look at the menu and tell me what you want. Nothing? Are you sure? Really? Ok. Is Tony out of the shower? Please relay message.

April 9
Ben says if I wasn’t so smart, I wouldn’t care so much. Probably. I begin a tirade about how I wish that I spoke (and read) Korean. Ben suggests that CPR may have more practical long term uses. I told him that didn’t help me find info for this fucking kid’s cafe.

April 10
Me: Every time Jerry posts a picture of a cafe, I want to punch him in the face.
Ben : Please don’t punch Jerry in the face.
Me: I’m not going to, I said “want to.”
Ben: I’m sorry that he posts inconsiderate pastry pictures on the internet.
Me: Me too.

April 20
Ben : You know dark chocolate is good for you? (Eating dark chocolate with chili)
Me: Yes. That’s why I love it.
Ben: it’s like I’m eating a vegetable right now. It even has chili in it.


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