It’s Sunday in Seoul, Surprise! Ask Me Anything

Ask me anything. The questions and responses are getting more interesting and I want to give more detailed answers. I will include the questions and answers here.

If you could be any superhero (besides being a mom!) who would it be and why?

Being a mom is an interesting superhero choice. I’ve always been attracted to Wonder Woman. She has an invisible plane, a truth whip and her costume is pretty amazing. I used to use her name when they asked at Starbucks.
How many pairs of socks do you own?
eek…. Cool Korean socks or regular? Probably upwards of 50 pairs. I’ll count next time…. I just went shopping and brought back another 10 so…….. A lot!

Did you lose another bet?

Nope. Just trying to get some more interaction and dialog going.

What are your top five favourite pieces of art?

1. Robert Rauschenberg’s Monogram
Robert Rauschenberg's Monogram
2. Jasper Johns’ (title not known)
3. Enkle Dika’s Flowing Inspiration
4. MC Escher’s Eye
5. Michaelangelo’s David, specifically the hand

What’s your favourite pasta dish?

Bowties with sausage, tomatoes and cream

What color were the vestments?

I don’t understand the question. My favorite color though, is clear.


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