Apparently double sided foam tape is single use only

I woke up at 5:30 this morning with the small dictator, and saw the clock had fallen off the wall and was on the kitchen counter. This is the clock that Ben suggested I have, and cost 3,000 won (About $2.75). We used double sided foam tape, which advertised specifically to replace hooks in hanging things. I also wedged a rolled up piece of purple duct tape under there for extra support.

This was like 2 weeks ago. I noticed this morning that the purple duct tape was still on the wall, it was the foam stuff that had failed. It made sense at the time to give the foam tape another try and I picked up the clock and stuck it back up with the same tape.

Problem Solved.

Round 2 only lasted about 6 hours before before it crashed to the ground.

Husband was not pleased. He doesn’t like loud noises. At this point he’s “WTFing” all over the place and I was informed that it was not a good idea to have used the same tape.

His tone indicated that I should have known this.




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