Curiouser and curiouser.

I was going to write about how I posted something inflammatory on Facebook and then waited with baited breath to see who would overreact / unfriend me. So far I haven’t seen any differences. A little curious. Was hoping to weed out some folks. So far this has caused zero waves. Either people don’t care, are too horrified to say anything, or actually know what it means. I wonder if there’s an easy way to find out if you’ve been unfriended by people.

The aforementioned story involves my new favorite sounds-horrible-but-totally-just-means-stingy word: niggardly. Defined in depth here. Means stingy or cheap. Not the same as the word-with-an-N-that-shall-not-be-said. Not related. Not even closely related in etymology. Now I have to reference Louis C.K. in regards to the “N-word” – you say that and you make ME think the actual word in my head. So now that I’ve typed it, I’ve made you think it in your head. Sorry. Thems the breaks.

Also, I feel all like Eep from “The Croods” /Fire doesn’t come *out* of him whilst her dad shakes Guy screaming “make! Make!” because I used to not know what niggardly meant and now I’m all sarcastic “It’s totally not something to fire a DC staffer over – look it up!”.

There’s been a lot of links to videos this time. I guess if you lived inside my head you’d refence more movies too.


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