Today has been rough. Back pain, a lot of back pain. It’s been over a week. I stopped counting. I tried a chiropractor. It helped temporarily. Now I’m waiting for an actual doctors appointment to get a referral for OT or acupuncture or anything else. I’ve been stretching, icing, Advil, and it’s all temporary. It hurts. And in tired of being in pain. It’s been a rough day. Really really rough. Thanks for friends who help make things better.


7 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. So, I’ve just started learning about essential oils. You may want to look into it. I’ve heard a lot of first hand accound about how much it’s helped people with various things (some of which are back and muscle problems). You gotta make sure you are really getting the oils they are claiming to be (most companies only use tiny amounts of the labled oil and claim 100%), but they can work wonders for people. Just something to look into. 🙂

  2. Little update. I’ve been using the oils for my back pain (and my arthritic knees) and they’ve been working really well. I’ve not popped ibuprofen since I got them. I’m still thinking about trying to get my back imaged, because though I’m used to chronic joint pain, this is worse than usual, and backs can be tricky.

  3. Laurel, I’m totally sold on the foam rollers…after my knee surgery, I could not get free of pain. it hurt just sitting with it propped up even. Someone at work mentioned Airrosti…they do a lot with foam roller self massage. And it feels totally awesome to roll my back and hip too…tho sometimes I have to use a lacrosse ball to get the lower back. Look up some sites and see if it sounds like something that would work for you.

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