A penchant for lists

I love lists and I cannot lie, you other brothers can’t deny, when a list shows up with an interesting theme….

I am a sucker for lists. When there’s an article or blog post that starts with “10 things about…” Or “The top 25 stupidest…” Or “15 ways blueberries can kill…” I am hooked. [I’m also a the target demographic for those quizzes that show the top 100 {insert item/place/food/book/romantic comedy/video game} and then you check off what you’ve seen/traveled to/eaten/read/watched/played and post your results on your social media of choice to show off to your friends acquaintances how freaking awesome you are… But I digress.]

I feel like making lists helps me get things done, remember things and feel productive. It’s a trifecta of usefulness. My favorite way to make lists digitally is using numbers. I especially to use non traditional numbers. If there’s something I forgot at the start of the list, I’ll add it as item 0). If there’s something in between I’ll usually add a .5). Overall I think it shows a bit about my thought process. (see Figure 1)
On paper I don’t usually do anything except write my items down. No bullets or numbers. I hate bullets. It’s ok if you like them. But I think they are horrible. Also they kill people. See Chris Rock explaining it.

Figure 1
I use at least three four different apps on my phone to make lists.
1) Notes (iPhone)
1.5) Reminders (iPhone)
2) Clear
3) Unfuck Your Habitat

They’re all in a folder marked “Do It”

On my refrigerator I have two stick on whiteboard calendars. I use one as an ongoing grocery list, and the other for whatever. Right now the “other” says “knock knock motherfucker”


I use the Stickies on my Mac. I have them all over the place. I minimize them and try to theme them by color. I have lists of places to check out in Seoul, recipes, etc.


Technically Tumblr, Pinterest and my browser bookmarks are also lists. Even Facebook and Twitter are lists, if you think about it.

I don’t know if there’s a right way or wrong way to write lists but I like being able to cross things off or delete items.

Do you make lists? How do you make them? Do you have a favorite? Bullets, numbers, alphabet, little hearts?

Here’s a site just about, well, lists.


3 thoughts on “A penchant for lists

  1. I love this article, I use my outlook at work for list making. I flag what I have to do that day and open and start a response email. Once it is completed I finish the response and unflagging the email and I know it is done. If I have any emails open at the end of he day I save it to drafts and try to get them done first thing in the morning the next day.

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