Running away from last year.

It’s now officially 2014. Resolutions, goals and all of that. New schedules, new ideals, new changes.

Winter is Seoul is cold.

I haven’t lived in snow for 11 years and that was just for one winter. It was a long winter though- snowing randomly until April.

My husband and I used his R&R trip to visit my family for the winter break. He flew from Seoul to Pittsburg to pick up the kids and then met Charlotte and I in Los Angeles. He had the rougher experience with both an extra flight, stop overs and a night in the airport on both ends. Poor guy. I had Charlotte, but at least we had a direct flight so after 25 hours of travel we arrived and could pass out. Kind of. I don’t really remember what happened the first two days I was in Los Angeles.

We had a very lovely holiday despite the craziness of any time where lots of people come together from different places. My goal in life is to have a non stressful holiday. I think it has to do with lowering my expectations. Especially of myself.

This year was really hard. We dealt with the typical “military move-no idea what’s going on” experience. We thought potentially Tony would deploy unaccompanied for a year and I would move back home to Monterey for the year with Charlotte. My GA friends wanted me to stay of course- but if I had to pick a place to be a single mother, I wanted it to be where I had roots, Drs, friends, and the ocean- which has always been a piece of my soul.

That changed right when we had decided it was going to be a “for real situation”. I knew it could change. Everything changes.

We took orders to Seoul, accompanied for two years. We were excited. 2 years together as a family, a new place, a big city, public transportation…

To be continued.


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