No TV Project : Day 1

I’d like to have some sort of well thought out explanation why I’m not having the TV on when C is awake but I don’t. I think it’s using a ton of energy. I think I watch it too much. I think she watches it too much. I think I use it as a babysitter for her and as a way to tune out life for me. I just unplugged it this morning and told her it wasn’t working. Technically true. Pushing the button doesn’t turn the TV on – so by that definition – it *wasn’t working*.

Anyway. It was easier than I thought. She couldn’t really argue about “it doesn’t work” and she just did other things. One was – gasp – play with toys. We also were out of the house most of the morning. And she threw several tantrums but none had to do with the tv. A few times she brought me the remote and I reminded her.

Considering I had 4 hours of sleep, about 6 shorter than my preferred – functioning levels- I did ok today. I listened to music and watched a Capella music videos/performances. We didn’t watch any movies or shows. And we both love music. Discovered Pentatonix and their awesome rendition of my favorite holiday song “Carol of the Bells.” which led me down the a Capella rabbit hole of you tube.

Anyway. It’s almost bed time. Whew. Another day tomorrow.


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