Something Wicked This Way Comes

Ray Bradbury came to my highschool to talk and stuff…. I (apparently) asked him what he thought of “Star Wars”. I don’t remember this at all. My high school friends do. Thankfully. I was so cool then. I’m pretty cool now, but my current me is almost always more impressed by my past me.

I was going to write something substantial- and then I watched Bones on Netflix instead – Tony is back working mids and I get all crazy excited when Charlotte goes to sleep because the house is quiet and I can do whatever I want. I try to use this to catch up on TV that Tony hates. Or you know, something creative, or whatever. I’ve been sick for a few days so I wasn’t interested in doing much; somehow the earlier part of the day was easier than the later part. Also I convinced myself that butter pecan ice cream tastes good. Also that I can potentially spit out the pecans. It has a weird texture. It doesn’t taste good. I ate it anyway. Back to tracking what I eat on the LoseIt app. Sooo useful when I use it. — I don’t have the energy to say anything profound here. I just – I ended up being the friend to two people tonight — who needed me. I’m sure there were other people who they could have reached out to, and they chose me. I hope that I helped – however I muddle through that. I tend to just offer unsolicited advice and go from there. I do ask questions –  Just – not always the right ones or in the right order. I feel good that I can help people and that I have friends. It hurts to have people you love hurting and not be able to fix it. Maybe I should crochet band aids for gifts. I usually do scarves- because they’re hugs from friends far away – but band aids might be a cute reminder or something. I don’t know. Makes me think of these band aid outlet covers.


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