Sassinak is a good word. Also it’s what I’m reading now.

I’ve always been an Anne McCaffrey fan. I was introduced to her when I was in 8th grade through the young adult book “Dragonsinger” which book one of the trilogy “Harper Hall of Pern which takes place time wise within the “Dragonriders of Pern series”. So, in the past I had read several other books of hers and loved the Pern world, Dragons, and fire lizards. It was one of my first introductions into to fantasy and I’m grateful for that. More specifically I am thankful that my friend shared her favorite book series with me. I had never really read all the books about Pern or in order. However at one point I stumbled upon a book that was totally different from my previous experience with her work. This book was called “Sassinak”  and was a joint venture collaboration with another author. I really enjoyed that book and read it several times. Recently thinking about the book I found that my paper copy had disappeared so I went on a hunt to track it down. Turns out its actually the first book in a trilogy – which retrospectively shouldn’t be surprising – published in 1990. However more interesting, is that it’s a follow up to a set of books called “The Mystery of Ireta: Dinosaur Planet & Dinosaur Planet Survivors”. So I tracked those down read them and now am rereading “Sassinak” and looking forward to the next two books to follow.

I also finished “Orange is the New Black”  the original Netflix TV show, season 1 as well as the book. No spoilers but would love to talk to anyone who has read the book or finished the season.

Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience:  this is the ideal life.  ~Mark Twain

open large leather book in front of a large black background. White text floats from the book and flies in front of the black background


4 thoughts on “Sassinak is a good word. Also it’s what I’m reading now.

    • Seriously. I have a few of my “original” books but so much of my stuff -books especially has changed and moved over the years. I just keep buying copies when I need them.

  1. Is the picture with the words coming out copyrighted?may I use it? See I’m a music preformer and would like to use for my album cover but modify it a little please let me know thank you.

  2. Hello I am a music preformer and I would like to use the picture of the words coming out of the book is it copyrighted? May I use it? I would modify the picture my album is called open book so if I may or may not use could you please let me know thank you.

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