And then it was 36

I keep meaning to write posts – but either can’t find the time, or don’t know what to say, or don’t have the mental energy to drag myself out of my apathy to do it. Depression hit pretty badly after we moved into our apartment.

It’s almost ironic because I love our apartment and it is beautiful and amazing. However, it’s another change, and it presents another slew of problems and all of those things make me highly anxious and that leads to depression. So new medication – side effects include weird dizzy feeling and a very cloudy brain most of the time. Difficulty concentrating.

Not sure if that’s normal, so I’ll go back to the Dr about that one. Nothing stellar to report. Some days are great. I’m meeting people and making friends – our things arrive in 10 days which is amazing and I can’t wait.

I’m alive. I’m functioning. Just not as well as I’d like to be.

Tomorrow is another day and sleep makes almost everything better. 1017277_605375486153269_870987513_n


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