So, the time has come and I finally got the Internet set up on the plane. It took much longer than I imagined and I wonder now, if its worth it. The baby just woke up but I realized that it was time to switch. I had her from boarding at 9:15 through almost noon. Yeah. I need a break. Especially since she only napped for a few minutes.

I haven’t had a lot of time to process our trip to LA because I didn’t know for sure we would be able to stop by. We found out yesterday that we were leaving this morning and so it was just a flurry of packing and getting stuff done. If we forgot something, oh well.

So now a week with family and only one thing planned.

Pretty cool. We talked about going to Disneyland. Charlotte is way too young though and I’m not sure how much she’d get out of it. I would love it though. Maybe we can work it out.

Course it’s another week staying at my parents house and then probably a week in Seoul before we have housing- or more. The problem isn’t living out of six suit cases, three backpacks and a diaper bag. It’s that we haven’t had a lot of places to unpack. Oh well.

We totally got lucky on this trip we didn’t have to pay for our bags. Not even the overweight ones.

Going to explore the intent before its my turn with the baby again.


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