Westward, Ho!

And so it begins. After days of packing, saying goodbye, and lastly, waiting… We are leaving early in the morning to head west. We will bid Augusta adieu, and spend a week in the City of Angels before we island hop to Seoul.

Our journey to our final destination goes like this: Los Angeles -> Hawaii (5 hours)- > Japan (8 hours) -> Seoul (4 hours) -> car ride to base (1 hour) -> collapse into a heap at the hotel.

I’m actually excited because I really don’t sleep on flights and I couldn’t stand the idea of chasing Charlotte up and down a plane for 14 hours. Also breaking it up makes me feel better.

I am amused that my first trip to both Hawaii and Japan is in airport stops. Awesome.

Bedtime for girls who start adventures at 4:30 am!

Update: Breaking up the flight was the worst idea EVER. We traveled for over 24 hours and it was so fucking stressful to change planes, and go through customs in Japan again, and figure out the wi-fi – and the part where we didn’t have seats together. Will Never Do It Again.



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