April….. What?

Well april seemed to zoom past me in a whirlwind. We are down to the (assumed) 72 hour count down. Still waiting on our itinerary— which is stressful enough in its own right.

Last set of movers is here. They’re packing up everything that goes into storage while we are gone. T is driving the car to Charleston to drop it off for shipment. C and I are batting down the hatches here in the old apartment while it rains outside. Things that are being stored include the washing machine- a giant life sized stuffed baby giraffe, C’s armoire, a couple of bookcases and various totes and boxes of things.

The iPad is keeping C mostly entertained although at this point we have been here for 4 hours and she definitely needs a nap.

I was trying to use my real computer for a bit but chasing her down and getting her out of the way of the movers is more important.

Crossing off our list of things to do. Sigh. Still seems like so much left. I guess mostly because I’m waiting on he itinerary.



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