A long absence and I’m back

The long and short of it, is that I spent most of the month of April unsure if I was medically cleared to go with my husband to Korea. The military messed up a lot of paperwork and everyone had to back track. This being said – I was incredibly stressed and started looking for places to live in Monterey, California which is home for me. C and I would move back there for the year if we weren’t able to join T. Actually C was totally cleared to go, I guess they could have gone without me – but then who’d take care of the toddler while T was working??

Anyway, I’m cleared. We are all going. This is AWESOME! In fact, we are going in 5 days. The movers are here as we speak – well – moving. All of my things are being packed into crates and will arrive in Seoul, no later than July 5. I love how all military things are “no later than.” Because people can’t give you exact anything.

So – two adults and a toddler are journeying overseas. We are hoping to stop in Los Angeles for some family visiting on our way to our final destination.

I’m all over the place right now. I’ve got like 50,000 things on my mind and I can’t seem to focus. I’m also thrilled to be sitting at a computer because  we don’t have internet in the guest apartment we are renting while our furniture disappears and I just can’t blog easily on my iPhone.

Most of our last minute “to dos” are totally done. We have to ship some boxes before we leave and we have to drive the car to the place in Charleston, SC that will ship it overseas for us (to arrive no later than 55 days after shipment) *facepalm*

As for my progress on language and culture – I’m not doing so great. I paused for a while because I didn’t even know if I was going to be living in Seoul, but since we’ve had the news I’m back into research. I found a fantastic website called Seoulistic: Korea Simplified which has all these fabulous short articles about culture, things to know, tips for travelers/people moving there.  So far I’ve enjoyed reading about free things to do, the Korean trash system, and the subway. I really feel like I’m lacking in basic Korean culture. I had a lot of time to learn before I went to Germany because I had a year of language classes and the culture was really embedded in that. These are articles make me feel better and are really easy to process. While looking for links to share I just found:

6 apps for living in Korea

Culture shock: why you might be uncomfortable

Want to get an Apartment?

In any case- I feel generally up beat. Our plans are moving along even though there are hiccups and we don’t always know what is happening next.


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