Kpop and the Hobbit

Bilbo Baggins: Good morning.
Gandalf: What do you mean? Do you wish me a good morning or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it to be or not or that you feel good this morning or that it is a morning to be good on?
Bilbo Baggins: All of them at once.

I want to learn how to write moon runes. I’ll have to try it in my free time.

I’ve noticed that as time passes, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain “constant vigilance” in regards to moving to Seoul. I don’t know when we are leaving. I don’t know when we are arriving. I don’t know where we will live or how much space we will have.

This leaves me utterly frustrated and despondent. I have a list but a lot of it depends on orders which we don’t have or a move date, which we also don’t have.

Trying to keep up my momentum I continue to sort, get rid of, and attempt to organize. I shall try to dedicate a portion of the day to Korean culture, language or info of some kind.

My husband passed a huge test this week which is awesome. Time is moving fast despite my concerns, worries and unanswered questions. M and CR are coming *this weekend* to spend their spring break with us. Super excited. C is so much more mobile and chatty than she was at Thanksgiving. They are going to have a great time together.

I will look forward to that.



3 thoughts on “Kpop and the Hobbit

  1. We got our orders; we’re “wheels-up” on May 7th. We are the very definition of unprepared. I started a GoogleDoc to try and figure out what we want to take, store, or trash, but I think left to my own devices we’ll arrive there with no furniture, a bunch of MtG cards, and a couple computers. Maybe some RPG books. I’ve been told that there’s a 99% chance we’ll be on base, but “if [we] decide to live on the economy”…? So I’m not sure what’s up with that. I think we’re going to be able to bring our cats; this makes me happy.

    • Andrew. Good on the cats. Check shots and quarantined info. Different countries have different rules. I think if Tony was the only one to pack he’d have the same stuff as you. However, I’m the one thinking of stuff like baby clothes and winter wear which we don’t have yet. Lol. Glad you have an actual date. Am super jealous.

      • Yeah, I checked the shots and quarantine stuff. Cats will probably have to be quarantined for 4-6 months, but if we live on base (that’s the plan) it can be served at home instead of a state kennel. So, score.

        Just saw that you have orders and a date, too. So congrats on that. 😀

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