I can’t find something I’m looking for. Instead I found 5-6 old blogs that I’ve tried to assimilate into one – and my old LiveJournal which I have no easy way to export except month by month. I really don’t want to spend that much time doing that for 10 years worth of online journaling. Let me just stop there by saying – *10* ten. years. of. online. journaling.

I mean, my online life started oh, 16 years ago. I’m sure there’s more in the ether somewhere. What I cannot find, is this list of things.  I found this idea 100 things in 1000 days. I’ve also now seen 101 things in 1001 days. However, that causes problems with my search terms. None of my old blogger or even old wordpress blogs have it. I know I wrote about it. I remember because I wrote about a bunch of other things, and then came back to it. I blogged about it somewhere.

Basically there was this idea that you create a list of 100 things to accomplish in 1000 days. There was a methodology about why 1000 instead of 365. I had the list. I crossed things off the list. I CANNOT FIND THIS LIST.

It is making me really frustrated. I know that I wrote it. I know that it is hiding somewhere. Also there is a crazy storm and the power went out twice. This makes me doubly anxious. I hate power outages.



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