On the Outside

Stealing a song title from one of my old favorites, “No Use for a Name.”  It’s one of those days. I read on Pinterest recently that when you’re happy you listen to the music and when you’re sad you listen to the lyrics. I’m not sure if that is true, but it would make sense. I’ve had a few days of melancholy. Which, thanks to living with my husband for 4 years, immediately brings to mind movie quotes. (There’s that story about how I realized how his clever phrases were just movies quotes after we had been together for a while)

Megamind: “Not now Minion, I’m in a heated existential discussion with this dead-eyed plastic desk toy. “

Megamind: “Why do I feel so mell-lonka-lee? …Unhappy?”

I’d probably be in an existential discussion with a dead-eyed plastic desk toy  also, but even that seems to take up too much energy.

Went out and did some errands. Love the new Aldi store we have here. Got my returns done and luckily it was all baby free since Husband was home early from work.

I talked to a couple of friends and felt better after getting out of the shower, putting my big girl pants on and actually doing things. I tried my new hippy adventure today – Baking Soda shampoo. Day 1 seems fine. It’s all almost rainy outside so my hair is frizzy but… it doesn’t look bad.

So this is a rambling post so I’ll put something amusing in. Apparently socks come in all kinds of patterns in Seoul, they’re really cheap and really comfortable. Looks like I won’t worry about bringing many pairs.



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