Helps to have access to a computer

There’s a couch in front of my computer. My computer is on the dining room table. We are in the process of getting new furniture and getting rid of old stuff. This being said- I haven’t had a lot of computer time. Plus C refuses to leave my computer alone now that she can climb on chairs and clickety-clack to her heart’s content. After two days of folders being renamed “xmaledj/////////////////..” I finally remembered to set a password lock on the sleep screen. TAKE THAT! Now I’m trying to find anything that she actually can do as a pre toddler.

More importantly I’m back to watching another KDrama. This one is called “Secret Garden” and features – amazingly- most of the main actors from “My Lovely Sam Soon“. It took T to point the names out to me. Now I can’t believe I didn’t realize.

Here’s the poster.


The show is way better than the poster alludes to and I’m only 2 episodes in. Don’t reveal any plot spoilers. I’m enjoying it.

So far my favorite (insert sarcasm here) outfit is this one:


Kim Joo-Won is wearing a sparkly TRACK JACKET from Italy where each sequin was *hand sewn.* So far its in almost all of the first two episodes. See it sparkle!? Sorry about the nasty gash on her arm. It’s a plot point.

Rumor has it we might get orders next week. Don’t hold your breath.

Anyone else not watch the Oscars but were surprisingly not surprised by ANY winnings EXCEPT for Jennifer Lawrence? Really? I mean, she’s hot but…. really?

I mean Wil Wheaton did say: I love how goddamn *normal* Jennifer Lawrence is. I hope she never stops being awesome.
So I guess there’s that. Also if you don’t know *Who* Wil Wheaton is. I’m sorry. Here’s a refresher.



3 thoughts on “Helps to have access to a computer

  1. I hope it’s not terrible of me to say so but it’s a bit encouraging that you don’t have orders; HR feels like it’s dragging their feet in my case, and what started out as “you’ll leave in March” is now looking like “well, maybe by the end of May…” And the people I expect to have answers (like my new boss) keep asking me questions about what’s supposed to happen and when…

    I didn’t watch the Oscars, and aside from Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway I don’t know *who* won anything. But while I’ll agree with you that I haven’t been impressed by any of Ms. Lawrence’s acting, I heartifly second Wil’s comments — she’s amazingly *human*, and that’s really refreshing. There are a couple after-the-fact interviews I’ve seen where reporters are sking her assinine questions like “what was the process for getting ready” and “do you think you’ve peaked too early” and she keeps giving them this “what the hell kind of question is that?” look. It’s beautiful. If nothing else I’m glad she won because she’s so “goddamn normal.”

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