Today was rainy and C got to try out her new raincoat.


It was both a busy day and not. We had some news that there was a paperwork kerfuffle and we will wait another week and a half or so before we get orders.

I don’t exactly know if this changes our timeline or anything. I guess I will try not to think about it much.

T and I have had a decent round of banter regarding the papal step down and his early years. Apparently he resigned and then he didn’t bother to tweet about it. I didn’t actually realize that he had a twitter account.

We also have been enjoying the last few episodes of Downton Abbey’s third season. I really have been loving this show. So pleased that they are signing on a fourth season. Maggie Smith has some amazing lines this season, as per usual. Actually the writing this season is phenomenal.

I didn’t have time today to do much research – but I did see that the real housewives of Seoul on Facebook hasn’t really been active since last Valentine’s Day. Hopefully my posts will start up something.

Nothing real exciting to report. Although check out this cool rainbow bridge in Seoul. Banpo Bridge, Seoul.



2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Love the beautiful bridge picture. I grew up looking at the Banpo bridge from my parents’ apt although it wasn’t as fancy as it is now. Seeing the bridge gives me just enough sentiment at night .

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