Thank you Social Media

You know, I lived abroad for a year 10 years ago. Eep. 11 years ago. Anyway- things were a lot harder then. Technology and the information age wasn’t what it was now. I got my first digital camera that could also record video (thanks Mom and Dad!) and I created a blog-like page that I coded and updated myself. Now I can take pictures, record video and blog – and text and video call with wi-fi all from my iPhone. I just spend the last hour finding local knitting groups in Seoul via Ravelry and joined the English-speaking BoardGamers and Roleplayers of Seoul, a Book Club, and a free cultural language class thanks to Meetup. Within minutes of my last post a friend found me the Real Housewives of Seoul on Facebook, and I found another person who is also PCSing to the Yongsan Army Base in April.

I already feel better.

The Internet is amazing. Thanks Aunt CA for that dial up modem when I was 15. Best xmas gift EVER!


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