it wasn’t part of the plan

One of my friends posted online after she saw our news “But! That wasn’t the plan!!!”

And her sentiment couldn’t be more true.

Seoul, South Korea was never part of our plan.

My husband and I had a very specific plan. Well, as specific of a plan one can get with with the Military. T was going to deploy to Bahrain for a year, unaccompanied while C and I would move back to home to Monterey, California while he was gone.

if something didn’t work out with his training we would probably stay here in Georgia, or go to Washington, D.C. – or even at one point – discussed going to Bahrain accompanied for two years.

Those were our options. We had been discussing them for about a year. We had orders. I took a trip back home in October and felt out the lay of the land. Yes, I still had friends, network of doctors and most of all, I felt completely comfortable being a single mother there. I’d be back with two of my best friends, and 6 hours from my parents and have other family in the Bay Area.

As we moved forward getting things ready, we got word that medically, he would not be eligible for the assignment. Bla bla bla discussion about 24 hours of deliberation there was an option for us to go to Seoul, South Korea, together as a family for 2 years.

This totally wasn’t one of the options we had considered -it was pretty out of left field. However, the idea of us being together was fantastic. Really trumped all other ideas. Plus I’m super stoked about living in Asia and being able to travel.

We are still waiting for the actual orders so we know exactly when we leave. Right now our estimate is approximately “end of April.” That gives us about 2 months to do- well… everything.

Steps include

Getting travel passports for myself and C. Mine hasn’t been updated since I got married and C is 16 months old so we haven’t gone abroad with her yet.

Getting rid of all the stuff we don’t need.

Learn Korean (I’ve got about 14 apps and some really good online resources that I’m going. T and I watched a TV show called “My Lovely Sam Soon” which was really – and a good into to KDrama.

Figuring out what I need to bring (turns out larger sized clothes are harder to find – and I expect there might be some other things that we will want that might be hard to find. Good news is that ships to APO addresses.

Get C prepared for the move. Tried to go to the library today to look for children’s books on Korea or Asia in general. They had one, but it was published in 1989 and the pictures were ridiculous. I guess I’ll have to go back to the internet for that. I did see some book suggestions on moving in general we will check out.

Get copies of all my medical records that aren’t on base to bring with.

Visit everyone before we leave. I expect that means another trip to the West Coast and Pennsylvania to see M and CR.

So. That’s the deal.

It wasn’t part of the plan…but it’s what we are doing.

And frankly I’m really excited!



2 thoughts on “it wasn’t part of the plan

  1. What plan?? Welcome to the military. 🙂 Don’t stress about books – our tiny base library in Oki had some great books on Japan for kids that I NEVER found in bookstores back home. And Charlotte will adjust quickly. She’ll probably be speaking Korean before all of you, no offense. I often feel K’s got a better handle on Japanese than English some days!

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