A flurry of activity… kind of

It seems like the waiting and not knowing causes me the most anxiety. We don’t have official orders yet so I can’t make specific plans. I have a vague “report no later than” date (end of April) but I have a gut feeling it will be sooner.

That being said I have a list that seems to be growing of to-dos. Moreover there seem to be a billion decisions to be made. One, for example is what to do about our phones. We both have iPhones. It seems that keeping our numbers and plans and trying to add an international plan will cost about $100 more a month than we already pay now – or more depending on whether or not we want to text. Since that’s primarily how *I* communicate anyway (and T also) I think using the “get out of the contract because we’re deploying” card is going to be in play. Started doing research on Skype – seems like that is going to be a good option. I’ll still keep my phone and use it via wifi as a glorified iPod Touch. Maybe I’ll *gasp* jail break it and toss a Korean SIM card in there. Though that might not solve all my problems. Any suggestions? I know there are VOIP numbers and honestly, I think between iMessage and Skype I’m pretty golden.  T doesn’t really care. Or so he says now.

Selling things on eBay is going slowly – as eBay does. But. That’s kind of the game.

Found an interesting article by Lindsay McComb on the Digital Subway of Seoul tonight. Really interesting. I’m looking forward to full 4G access / wi-fi all the time. Now it makes me think I should just have a Korean iPhone. Huh. Wonder what the price on *that* is. Oh. Just $890 – roughly. I guess it’d be cheaper to buy an unlocked phone here. Or just move on. I think the iPhone turned off of phone capabilities will work for most of what we need.

Having a hard time finishing the post – keep getting distracted on the internet. Surprise surprise.

One of the main things on my agenda is finding clothes for me – since they will hard to find once I’m there. Also – cold weather things for all of us. None of us even have passable rain coats or waterproof shoes or boots. Much less anything that will stand up to snow. I’m scouring places for end of the season stuff – especially for C. Probably because she’s more fun to shop for. Also I have it in my head that I don’t have to think about spending money on her (or T) because it’s an obvious necessity, whereas for myself I have to ponder. Probably stupid. Worry less.

I worry too much. What’s the worst that will happen? Hypothermia!? Oh, wait. Kidding. They will sell cold weather stuff there that will fit C. I’m sure.

Next item to sort out. To bring the car or not to bring the car? That is (one of many) questions. And does this base have any resources on OCONUS moves!? Shouldn’t someone tell me what to do here?

Someone tell me what to do here.


4 thoughts on “A flurry of activity… kind of

  1. Look into classes offered on base here, like Smooth Move. Check FB for something like “Wives of the seoul base”, and ask them questions. Also, Tony will be given a sponsor who will help you guys with a lot of these questions, especially about things like the phones. Cancel or suspend your US phone plans. I know ATT will freeze your account for military reasons. Clothes, etc: Amazon, walmart and many others ship to APO/FPO boxes. For the ones that don’t, there is http://apobox.com/. I used it while we were in Spain when I ordered my laptop. Great service. There will be a PX.

  2. Absolutely, to everything. Thanks for the FB suggestion. I had found the Base page, but the one for the wives – is actually way more helpful. We are going to cancel our phone plans. Good call on the walmart+others for APO! and Apobox.com is a new one for me also. THANKS!

  3. I’m told you can switch you numbers to Google Voice, so that you can keep the number even if you change/cancel your phones. I’m hoping to do that since I’ve had the same number since 2001. Twelve years of inertia is a lot to overcome.

    I’m supposed to be moving to Japan. I’m about as vague on the details as you are, and I’m the employee not the spouce. I’m not military, though, so I’m guessing you’ll get better support than we will.

    • I’ve heard something about that. However I’ve also read that google voice is only available in the US. Maybe we can uncover the truth. I’ve had the same number since. Hm. A long time.

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