Week 1: Letter 1

I’ve finished my first letter. Since I got behind this week and Saturday is quickly approaching, I figured I better hunker down and get started. First letter was to my cousin, Haley. She had been the first to reply to me request for takers. I realized a few interesting things while I was trying to generate my letter. One: I don’t really have a lot of good hand letter writing supplies. I figured since my handwriting had declined so poorly, like the oatmeal’s commentary.  I better start with lined paper. Which I don’t have. A quick internet search solved that problem and I was able to get started. Based on something a friend posted on Facebook, I used an awesome photo as the cover of my card and got started. Luckily C was napping so I had some quiet time before dinner to get working. I also wanted to make the envelope since the size of the card was a bit unique. Addresses blurred for privacy but here’s a glimpse of what is to come.


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