52 Letters project

Borrowing sounds better than stealing, but taking this great idea from JoAnna Haugen found on Twitter…. I’m going to try to write 52 hand written letters to 52 people. One per week – All year long.

I’ve got a base list forming with about ten people and corresponding addresses. I’ll flesh out the list once I figure out who else wants to be involved.

I have also set upon myself the following guidelines:

1. Letters shall be handwritten, much to the woe of the reader who must endure my handwriting. See this Oatmeal comic for clarification

2. Letters shall be mailed by Saturday.

3. Letters shall be composed of materials found in the home, as should their attachments, envelopes and/or shipping containers.

4. Letters shall be blogged about if possible.

5. Photos will be taken if possible of both the letter and the envelope/shipping container however the contents of the letter will be for the recipient only.

I’m pretty excited about this project!


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